Working Together - delivering more homes

Formed in 2004, the North River Alliance is a development consortium of Locally based Housing Associations working together in North, North East and East London. Collaborative working allows us to punch above our weight and take full advantage of development opportunities as they arise.


As an alliance of small and medium sized RPs we are able to take advantage of the full range of development opportunities.  We are always looking for new development sites and our flexibility means that we can deliver everything from small infill schemes to the largest mixed use developments.  We welcome opportunities offered by s.106 agreements.


Delivering New Homes

We are on track to complete 578 new homes before March 2015: fully delivering our GLA funded development programme for 2011/2015 and we are pleased to announce that we have secured GLA funding for the next three years.

Our aspiration is to complete a minimum of 500 new homes for rent and sale before the end of March 2018. 


Building Communities

We take a pragmatic approach to development and will consider sites of any size.  We have a successful track record of buying sites and developing them for rent and sale; we are also interested in good quality section 106 opportunities.

Our focus is on the delivery of new build homes for rent and shared ownership but we have also delivered new housing on sites with a commercial element and some members of the Alliance have experience of developing homes for private sale.